Technical Specifications

  • BODY: Polycarbonate Body
  • SIZE: 80mm Diameter
  • LED: 8 LED in circumference &4 LED at Top view
  • FITTING 3 Screw Fitting, Steel Clamp
  • BASE: Available in 02 options
    • Magnectic Ring at Base OR
    • Floating Base
  • Water Proof
  • MODE : Static & Flickering
  • COLOURS: Red &  Yellow

This multipurpose LED Flair Light can be used for the following purposes:

  • All Domestic Areas
  • All Commercial Areas
  • All Industrial Area
  • Agriculture : As boundry for fields to save crops from animals 
  • Maritime Board : Fishery Department for Floating Fishing net Indicator

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Colour options avilable

Uses of Multipurpose LED Light


Farmers use Triveni Solar LED Flair Lights on poles around the crop field to protect the crop from being destroyed by wild animals as the flickering of LED Falir Light will keep the wild animals away from the fields & save the crop

Fishing & Marine

Triveni Solar Multipurpose LED Lights is used in sea or any water area for any guidance, to intimate about danger zones in water area. These lights are used with Fishing net, for providing information about the fishing area & location of boats. These lights can be used in all small boats at the head and tails of every boats &  These lights can be used on sea shores for any guidance.

Road & Transportation

Useful for all Heavy vehicles viz, trucks, trailers, containers carriers, Tankers, Buses  and other goods Transport. This light can be mounted and can also be detachable on the body of each vehicles as it will have magnet on the base side. Used during emergency breakdown on the highways,Can be placed on all sides of a vehicle during emergency. Helps avoid accidents during night. It Helps Heavy trucks and trailers caring long goods  during night for  keeping distance from other vehicles. It can be also used by private cars & taxis too.

Construction & Road Safety

Triveni Solar LED Lights can also be used by workers "Men at Work" for creating diversions or for safety. It's also used on Road Dividers, Footpath and Pedestrian way for Safety of people who are crossing the road or driving a vehicle.

Domestic & Industrial

Triveni Solar LED Lights can be used for Beautification on boundary walls in both Domestic & Industrial Areas. These lights can also be switched to static mode. Triveni Solar LED Lights are available in multiple colour options as per requirements.

Commercial Areas

This Solar LED flair light can be used during an emergency or SOS places, like Hospitals on Highway, Medical stores , Doctors home  etc. During emergency it will guide people to stay away from danger zones. It can be used on cycles, and bullock carts, or any such carts. Further, during drilling or any construction work which require safety and protection from the hazard of falling into a well or heavy objects falling from above this is used to indicate the work in progess areas.


Unlimited uses & applications

This solar multipurpose led flair light has been created for safety of all human beings on this planet. Please use Triveni Solar LED Falir Lights & live your life with safety,

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